Anthea is an experienced politician, legislator and policy advocate with substantial experience of negotiating legislative change and implementing best practice.

When she was the Conservative MEP for the West Midlands, she consistently pursued strong cross-party and international consensus to advance important goals of science-based policy-making and proportionate regulation.

She tirelessly championed the role of innovation and best practice to meet the challenges of delivering a sustainable agricultural supply chain and food security.

Member of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee (2011-2020):

Member of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee (2019-2020)

ECR Group Co-ordinator on the temporary Special Committee on the Union’s authorisation procedure for pesticides (PEST) (2018-19)

ECR Group Co-ordinator on Employment and Social Affairs Committee (2012-2019)

Chair of Better Regulation Group (2012 – 2020)