The European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) consistently campaigns for “better regulation”. ECR MEPs have led the way on common sense policy making and ensuring that the EU identifies any potential negative impact of legislation on the competitiveness of business and the economy. 

The ECR established a working group on this subject, chaired by Anthea McIntyre, which put forward a number of policy initiatives aimed at cutting “red tape” and preventing national governments from “gold plating” EU directives.

Better regulation is now at the centre of the political agenda in the EU. There is widespread recognition of the need to increase transparency and accountability and reduce the administrative burden on business, especially small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

As chair of the Better Regulation Policy Group (2012-2020), Anthea authored the following reports:

Download Anthea's report on Reshoring: 
Reshoring - Bringing Jobs Back to Europe

Download Anthea's report on Nudge Theory:
Nudge Theory - Behavioural Economics in European Policy Making 

Download Anthea's report The Annual Burden Survey: 
Annual Burden Survey - Policy Paper


Download Anthea's report Standardising the SME Test: 
Standardising the SME Test

Download Anthea's ECR Policy Toolkit:
ECR Policy Toolkit