Measures championed by Conservative MEPs to stamp out unfair trading practices in the food supply chain have been backed by the European Parliament's Agriculture committee. 

The proposals aim to protect farmers and suppliers from practices including the cancellation of contracts for fresh produce at short notice, late payments by retailers and by demanding more clarity in agreements.

It draws on the experience of the UK's Groceries Code Adjudicator, a position created in 2013 to re-evaluate the relationship between supermarkets and their suppliers.

Conservative Agriculture spokesman Anthea McIntyre MEP welcomed the vote and said: "If it weren't for our farmers' hard work growing food, supermarket shelves and tills would be empty, yet these stores take the lion's share of the profit.

"Farmers deserve a fair price and fair treatment and today's vote is a step towards ending these unfair practices.

"I am pleased MEPs have backed proposals which are modelled on the UK's adjudicator which has made good progress in this area. It has helped bring companies into line and each year the number of issues raised by farmers has reduced."


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