In a letter to local papers she said:

"Congratulations to Kathryn Moore, Professor of Landscape Architecture at Birmingham City University, Mayor Andy Street and Dame Caroline Spelman MP for looking to create Britain's 16th national park here in the West Midlands.

"What a perfect antidote that would be to the popular misconception of our conurbation as a grim, grimy and crowded place that is in the Premiership for manufacturing and commerce, but non-league for beauty and fresh air.

"In fact - as we all know - our region has some of the most beautiful urban and rural landscapes anywhere and they deserve to be recognised and appreciated more widely.

"This is an opportunity to rethink the parameters of what a national park has to be. It does not need to be a Lake District or Snowdonia
- endless acres of wild countryside. Instead it can be a patchwork of greenery and parkland adjoining and incorporating more built-up areas
- more accessible but equally good on the eye and suitable for outdoor enjoyment.

"Let us press ahead with this plan - not just because it is good for our economy, jobs and tourism - but because it will bring a much overdue correction to our public image."