The rights of disabled people are on the agenda as Anthea McIntyre leads a delegation of MEPs to New York this week.

Miss McIntyre will head a mission made up of fellow members of the European Parliament's Employment Committee to discuss issues including employment opportunity and fair treatment at work, plus legal equality and political participation for disabled people globally.

The MEPs awill take part in the 11th conference at the United Nations Headquarters for signatories to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, beginning tomorrow (Tues).

They will also contribute to a series of side events on subjects which include the potential for artificial intelligence to improve inclusion, and a presentation by the European Union on using development aid to improve accessibility for the disabled in under-developed countries.

Miss McIntyre, MEP for the West Midlands and Conservative employment spokesman in the European Parliament, said:  "The issue of equal opportunity, equal access and equal recognition for disabled people is something I care about deeply. 

"You can judge a country's character as well as its progress by its expectations of disabled people. Everyone should be able to fulfil their true potential. There is still a way for us to go in the developed West before things are as they should be, but in some other parts of the word it can be a truly dismal picture.

"I know from direct experience through different organisations I have been involved in, that employment opportunities with good conditions and proper accessibility are the best way for disabled people to find fulfilment and wellbeing.
"That is why the Convention matters and that is why we want to see it taken up and acted upon worldwide."