West Midlands employers will continue to need EU migrants post -Bexit - and MEP Anthea McIntyre is preparing a guide to help businesses secure settled status for their staff.

She outlined the plan at a Conservative business lunch which she hosted in Birmingham with fellow West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton.

Miss McIntyre, Conservative employment spokesman in  the European Parliament,  said the West Midlands reported the fastest increase in employment in the UK last month.

She went on: "We also have a record number of job vacancies - and we rely on EU labour.

"About one third of migrant labour in the West Midlands is from the EU, totalling around 150,000 individuals."

She said that in the manufacturing sector, EU nationals made up 11% of the workforce regionally, while three quarters of manufacturing businesses employed at least one EU national: "Employers still need labour of all skill levels. 

"The government and the Prime Minister have been clear that we want EU nationals to be able to continue to live and work in the UK and we want to see the same deal for UK nationals in the EU."

She said a system of applying for settled status was planned to commence this autumn, which was intended to be swift, simple and straightforward and to cost no more than a passport fee.