The European Union can be a complex and confusing thing.

Here's Anthea's How-it-all-works no-nonsense explanation of the various cogs that make it work - and where MEPs fit into the machine.

For more information, download the EU explained booklet here: "The EU Explained"


The EU consists of four main institutions:

  • the European Parliament
  • the European Commission
  • the Council of the European Union
  • the European Court of Justice

Plus the European Council

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There are currently 28 member states (countries) within the EU.

They are:

Austria                                                                     Italy

Belgium                                                                   Latvia

Bulgaria                                                                   Lithuania

Croatia                                                                     Luxembourg

Cyprus                                                                     Malta

Czech Republic                                                       Netherlands

Denmark                                                                  Poland

Estonia                                                                     Portugal

Finland                                                                     Romania

France                                                                      Slovakia

Germany                                                                  Slovenia

Greece                                                                     Spain

Hungary                                                                   Sweden

Ireland                                                                      United Kingdom